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What We Do?

Our end-to-end logistics solutions take the cost, risk and complexity out of your supply chain.

Turkmen Logistics, as an integrated and solution-oriented logistics company, is committed to providing sustainable high performance supply chain solutions with a customized approach that leads to the highest customer satisfaction while adding value to customer's processes and managing customer's risks. The main philosophy of the company is to develop proactive solutions by analysing all the factors that create the problem and acting as a solution partner for its customers.

We are committed to providing dynamic supply chain logistics, warehousing and freight services globally all the while focusing on outstanding quality and customer care excellence.

Our integrated supply chain services include warehousing and fulfilment solutions, transport solutions for a vast range of industry sectors, including fashion and retail, manufacturing and e-Commerce sectors, to name a few. We manage the production and distribution chain of our customers, through logistic platforms overseeing the entire production-sale process, including procurement, freight forwarding, warehousing and fulfilment services, and transport support solutions.

We recognize that one solution does not fit all and our service elements have a modular structure, hence by designing a customer specific set of services, we aim to deliver the best value for our client’s logistics in terms of speed, accuracy and costs.

Our committed and credible workforce and the inherent sense of dedication and perfection has made Turkmen Logistics an end-to-end logistics solutions partner for its clients.

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