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Creating a sustainable future is an essential part of our vision at Turkmen Logistics.

We are on a critical journey to become a fully sustainable organization and to create a positive impact for our society and the environment.

Since our company was founded, managing our environmental footprint responsibly and commitment to ethical standards have been among our top priorities.

As Turkmen Logistics, we are managing our environmental effects starting with power efficiency, reduction of CO2 emissions and waste management projects. In terms of procurement, we prioritize local and renewable sources wherever possible.

We integrate technology into our operations creating more efficiency and connectivity for building a more sustainable infrastructure.

As a non-asset service provider, Turkmen Logistics cares for its Human Resources as the most important enabler for its success and perpetuity. Hence, career development, health & well-being of our people and commitment to Human Rights are of the utmost importance in our daily routine.

Sustainability Priorities

Our Sustainability Committee sets annual and long-term objectives within the key areas of our sustainability priorities, implements projects to meet them, reports and evaluates their results.

Ethical and Responsible Supply Chain
Responsible Management of Our Environmental Footprint
Health & Well-being of Our People
Commitment to Human Rights

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